The management and staff are committed to providing the highest quality of life for those in our care.

Our aim is to provide a caring and safe environment that recognises each person as an individual and affords them:

  • Love and understanding
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Privacy
  • Professional care and skills to empower individuals
  • Support structure to enable individuals to use their abilities in maintain a good quality of life

It is our aim that those who live in our Care should do so with dignity, have the respect of those who support them and be entitled to live a full and active life. These rights are afforded to all who find themselves in our care.

Our main aim is to preserve the self-respect of those who depend on the support of others. We hope this can be achieved with the minimum of restrictions placed on individual freedoms and through mutual care and consideration between staff and residents.

Care is provided by a committed, unified and informed team who will be supported by the use of effective training and education in order to provide the highest quality care to the community and beyond.

Staff Team
Sharnbrook Lodge has a commitment to not only minimum requirements set by the Inspection Unit, but to exceed them. To do this Sharnbrook Lodge has a management team, led by a Manager who works with a dedicated team of Senior Carers and Carers, who have or are working towards NVQ levels 2 and 3. There are also sufficient Ancillary and Domestic staff to undertake the general maintenance of Sharnbrook Lodge, thus allowing the Care staff to do their primary task, caring for our residents.